COVID-19 Resources

We at Core Medical understand the extreme stress that people are under in the current situation, with increased social distancing, government restrictions on movement and socialising, job losses and all the anxiety and uncertainty that accompanies these issues. Please see some useful resources below that we will build on over time.

Blackdog Institute - Tips for managing anxiety during COVID 19

MindSpot - 10 Psychological tips for coping with COVID-19

Coronavirus YouTube video - how Coronavirus work and affect the body and why we need to socially distance

As WA opens it's borders and COVID-19 becomes widespread in the community, we all need to be prepared to live with COVID and be able to take the necessary steps to keep ourselves, our families and our communities safe. The majority of patients who are diagnosed with COVID-19 will have mild to moderate illness and can safely managed at home with telephone or video support by your GP. Those patients who develop severe symptoms may need to be assessed and managed in hospital. Below is a list of some resources to help patients if they are diagnosed with COVID-19. It is worthwhile printing out and having ready a "My COVID-19 action plan and daily symptoms diary" which will be useful if you test positive to COVID-19 and need to be monitored by phone by your GP. There is also the more detailed "Managing COVID-19 at home with assistance from your general practice" guide. 


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